Navya driverless shuttle got into the accident in the first hour of its testing

Navya driverless shuttle got into the accident in the first hour of its testing

In our time, much is changing in technology and human life. At the moment there are a lot of different types of transport. And more and more often there are unmanned specimens. Often these novelties amaze us with their novelty and rappiness. But there are incidents when an unmanned vehicle becomes a failed innovation.

The driverless shuttle, set free in the center of Las Vegas, got into a minor accident less than an hour after it hit the streets, the local branch of NBC KSNV reported. In fact, this is not the best advertisement for a startup, which develops cars with autonomous control.

The unmanned shuttle is an egg-shaped 8-seater Navya car, operated by AAA and Keolis. His first test was calculated half a mile from the "Innovation Area Fremont-East". Technically, in an accident, the robo-car was not to blame. A spokesman for the city of Las Vegas made a statement that the shuttle "did what it had to do, as its sensors registered the oncoming truck and the shuttle stopped to avoid an accident." He also claims that "if the truck were equipped with the same sensors as the shuttle, the accident would not have happened at all."


The manufacturer’s team will continue to test the shuttle and improve its stability and functionality. After all, it’s not enough to stop just to avoid an accident.


Unmanned devices have long been no novelty for modern society, and many companies offer their own startup ideas to the world. This is not only simple cars, but also robots with other diverse functions. As previously reported, the mechanical courier Marble was able to bring the usual delivery of food to a completely different level and to declare driverless devices in a new way.