Tesla introduced the newest electric truck Tesla Semi

Tesla introduced the newest electric truck Tesla Semi

Tesla shows off its impressive class 8 Tesla Semi electric truck, as promised. Among its advantages are considerable bandwidth along with a very aesthetic look, which definitely will single it out from the totality of other trucks on the highway.

Tesla Semi acceleration makes from 0 to 60 mph in about 5 seconds. A really impressive speed in case you compare it to a diesel truck. It is able to do 5 percent in 65 miles per hour cruise – much better result than diesel competitor’s 45 miles per hour. Tesla Semi does 500-mile range at the highway speed and 250 miles in less than 80% of trips. Aerodynamic design allows Tesla Semi reach a better resistance coefficient comparing to the supercar. The financial investors have made a great contribution: Tesla is a truck of new generation with improved features indeed.

Nevertheless, the main secret weapon of the truck is that Tesla Semi has a transmission which does not need a gear change. This was the standard for fully electric cars. Tesla Semi also has regenerative brakes, which provides a "close-to- infinity" brake duration for Tesla.

Tesla Semi is definitely a futuristic variant of a modern truck with many bells and whistles that really make an impression that they will considerably improve the life of both freight shipping companies and drivers. Tesla expects to get financial investments for its trucks from scratch, along with shipping companies.

We previously told you about the Tesla factory in Fremont, where most of the work is done by robots.