Facebook ran a smart chat-bot ParlAI

Facebook ran a smart chat-bot ParlAI

The sphere of artificial intelligence development amazes the world with new and new ideas. Facebook also contributed to the development of this area and released a free ParlAI platform for developing "smart chat bots". These bots are able to engage in a quite complex and personalized dialogue with the user.


The company expects that the platform, which is currently in open beta testing, will become a "Single-window service" for chat room researchers based on neural networks and developers. ParlAI is based on the Python language. The developed software allows users to use various arrays of dialog data, such as SQuAD, bAbI tasks, WebQuestions, Ubuntu Dialog and others. These arrays can be used for in-depth training of chat bots. To effectively test bots, developers have integrated the platform with the Amazon Mechanical Turk service, which makes it easy to find suitable testers.


One of Facebook’s employees working in the department of artificial intelligence FAIR Antoine Bordes told about the variety of chat-bots at the moment. “Now there are two main types of chat bots. The first like Siri and Alexa is used for implementation of specific tasks. The second type is entertaining chat-bots, an example of which may be Tay from Microsoft. We are trying to create something new, the chat-bot ParlAI is aimed at creating of the missing link. We would like to create a bot that can engage in a multistage dialog, and also exchange with the user various ideas”, - Antoine Bordes told.


Jan Lekun, head of Facebook AI department added that the chat-bot ParlAI could become a virtual friend for the user, who daily will help him cope with a multitude of tasks. As Lekun notes, their main goal is to make a digital personal friend that will be customized for an every user. “Such a bot will mediate between you and the digital world. It will help to deal with the endless stream of information and with other daily tasks”, - Yan Lekun said.

ParlAI is able to become a real assistant for advanced researchers in the field of AI. He is able to facilitate their daily work and make the processing of information more simple and understandable.