Bitcoin reached a new record level, for the first time surpassing $ 8,000

Bitcoin reached a new record level, for the first time surpassing $ 8,000

On Monday around 12:30 pm New York time CoinDesk industry website witnessed Bitcoin having reached a record price of $ 8,263.62. The Cryptocurrency is traded 2.3 percent higher at a price of US $ 8,216.80 as of 4:18 pm. Bitcoin first broke the $ 8,000 record on Sunday and was growing steadily. Such rate increase was an advantage to many financial start-ups and cryptocurrency owner funds.

Ronnie Moas, the Founder, and Director of Standpoint Research noted that this point is not the limit for the cryptocurrency, because there have been many positive changes in the past five months, and many bitcoin issues were recently solved. Meanwhile, the epoch of cryptocurrency witnesses great innovations which had a positive impact on Bitcoin development. Japanese regulation was able to compensate for rough measures taken by China and South Korea regulators.

In addition, the expected institutional, venture capitalists interest growth related to new products entering the market, allows newcomers to get access to Bitcoin. CME Group introduced their intention to introduce a futures contract for Bitcoin. According to their words, it will help institutional investors to become involved into cryptocurrency.

As previously reported, Forbes journalists named the amount of lost cryptocurrency, which will no longer return to the market.