Ethereum introduced the initial version of the Casper protocol

Ethereum introduced the initial version of the Casper protocol

Ethereum has long been working on changing the functionality and improving its system. Recently, the first version of Casper’s protocol was presented to the public. Its potential is very high even at the initial stage - it can help the team to take a step towards fundamental changes in the system. This should help all companies that use the Ethereum blockchain to represent their product even more qualitatively and attract venture investors.

Casper’s mission is to change and restructure the principles of the distribution of elements of the Ethereum system. Correct-by-Construction is one of the most important principles of the protocol, and it is responsible for simplifying the process of achieving consensus in a "partially synchronous network." In other words, they should reduce the overall complexity of the entire blockchain. Casper offers to completely withdraw from the energy-intensive mining model. Using the Proof-of-Stake algorithm, users can temporarily freeze some of their coins and receive rewards as new ones appear.

The transition to the Proof-of Stake model will positively affect the entire network, as well as the work of many startups and companies that are working on their Unitsale.

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