In 2020, Microsoft will introduce a storage system, used DNA

In 2020, Microsoft will introduce a storage system, used DNA

Microsoft has long collaborated with the Twist Bioscience organization, which is engaged in the creation of artificial DNA. With the help of the principles of its functioning it will be possible to reconsider the views of mankind on the storage of information. If you take all the films that were made on our planet and record it with DNA, its size can be compared with a small piece of sugar.

DNA data can be recorded with incredible density. That's why scientists around the world pay attention to its properties and think about ways to use it in real life. Such method of data storage can eradicate the problem of recording huge volumes of information that grow with each passing day. One cubic millimeter of DNA can easily store about one quintillion of bytes. These results are impressive.

Despite the many advantages of data storage with the help of DNA, there is still one problem - the price of recording on DNA. Microsoft continues to work on a solution to this problem, but the visible results of the company has failed to achieve. Experts say that its price should decrease by about 10 thousand times for mass use of technology. Microsoft's plans also have ideas for accelerating the recording of information to 100 megabytes per second. The company has already been able to get data on the DNA at a speed of 400 bytes / s. At the moment, scientists do not tell the public about the technology and continue to develop and improve it to make a revolution in information storage systems.