Foreign Venture Funds helped Real Ventures raise $ 180 million

Foreign Venture Funds helped Real Ventures raise $ 180 million

The most developed venture company of Canada, Real Ventures, raised $ 180 million from investors for two new funds, including the support of international heavyweights Tencent Holdings Ltd. and Temasek Holdings Private Ltd. This is a significant increase from the moment when Real last closed its third fund of $ 89 million in 2015.

Since then, Real has added to its list of experienced venture investment partners, including former eBay executive director Janet Bannister and former Facebook marketing director Mike Shaver. Although in the previous Real fund there were no foreign investors, non-Canadians make up a quarter of the last capital.

This inflow - especially from Tencent, the Chinese Internet giant, which over the past two years has invested in a number of prominent Canadian start-ups, including Kindred Systems, Wattpad, Element AI and Kik Interactive - "is the merger of things, some of which are directly related to Real, and some are related to Canada," - said current partner John Stokes.

The real business card of Real - the fact that it was a relatively early supporter of the thriving Canadian artificial intelligence scene, during the past two years, invested about 20 AI firms, including the Montreal Element AI.

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