Which two venture companies are responsible for the popularity of Bitcoin

Which two venture companies are responsible for the popularity of Bitcoin

The unexpected increase in the popularity of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies last year - especially last month - stunned investors and prompted more people to invest their money in mysterious technology.

According to CB Insights, which tracks investment trends, the Crypto currency currently has a total market capitalization of more than $ 340 billion. The recent history of Bitcoin shows that the dollar value of crypto currency can grow and fall quite dramatically in no time.

On Wednesday, CB Insights published a report analyzing the investment history of Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures, the two leading venture capital companies in Silicon Valley. Both companies invest in companies related to crypto currency since 2013. And it was they who helped Bitcoin become the way he is now.

In 2014, in the New York Times, Marc Andreessen, founding partner Andreessen Horowitz and an experienced software engineer, in the early years compared Bitcoin with personal computers and the Internet, each of which depended on the high expectations of their success.

This partly explains the sharp increase in Bitcoin’s estimate recently, since the initial investment in Bitcoin has left the cycle where speculation is pushing the trade value, and high trading value intensifies speculation.

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