The Alibaba division will manufacture 1 million "smart" trucks

The Alibaba division will manufacture 1 million

Cainiao, a logistics division of Alibaba Group, plans to start producing "smart" trucks. The unit, together with major automobile manufacturers in China, is going to produce 1 million cars.

The company plans to create and implement into trucks a special system with the ability to instantly analyze orders, which will allow choosing the most optimal routes of movement. This technology will allow drivers to save time and reduce costs. Also, the system will be able to provide better safety for drivers, warning them of possible traffic jams or problems on the roads.

At the moment, "smart" cars undergo many tests - developers test the system under different conditions. These tests have already yielded results. As the testers say, thanks to the system, the cost of travel could be reduced by 20%. Truck drivers often spend extra time on the trip, choosing not the most optimal route. The newly invented system selects a more advantageous variant of travel, reducing the trip time by three times.

With the help of services Alibaba Cainiao deals with the delivery of goods, and the use of intellectual trucks will make this business even more effective and bring the company more profit.