Bitcoin market becomes very risky for the investor

Bitcoin market becomes very risky for the investor

Bitcoin price once again reached a new price level on December 6, reaching $ 14,000 worldwide. The value touched a record high of $ 14,047 and quickly fell to a range of $ 13,500 shortly thereafter. With a price of $ 14,000 for a coin, a significant capitalization of $ 235 billion was recorded. Bitcoin thus became the 6th currency in the world in terms of capitalization.

Currently, South Korean markets are pushing the volume to extreme levels, as today Bithumb commands the top position of the exchange. The Korean trading platform is followed by the Bitfinex, GDAX, Binance and Bittrex exchanges.

If this growth continues and the coin’s price exceeds $ 15,000, Bitcoin’s capitalization will be higher than that of the Indian rupee. In the top 20 largest on the capitalization of currencies in the world included two more cryptocurrencies: Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, being at 17 and 20 places respectively.

All this suggests that Bitcoin is rapidly gaining more and more strength in the world financial markets, but at the same time it is becoming a very volatile currency, with which it becomes dangerous to work. Despite the fact that this market is beckoning with impressive figures, Bitcoin, because of its instability, can simply leave a person with nothing, so investing in it is extremely risky. Choose the means to achieve your goal wisely, and Hypercube Ventures will help you with this.

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