Kairos created a venture fund for financial assistance to the middle class

Kairos created a venture fund for financial assistance to the middle class

Kairos, an organization for young entrepreneurs, founded in 2008 as the Kairos Society, opened the world’s first venture fund, reports of which appeared earlier this year.

The $ 25 million fund will focus on companies that are working to solve the real problems facing the middle class in America and abroad. In fact, the fund and its investment thesis are the answer to the often heard complaint that Silicon Valley does not focus its energy on people who most need support.

Ankur Jain, the founder of Kairos, explained that entrepreneurs (and the capital that supports them) are too attached to the development of the hype, which stimulates innovation in the Valley. Venture fund Kairos has a different idea. They want to support entrepreneurs who are ready to attack the impending problems, which, if not solved, will become more serious and continue to infringe on the middle class.

Five areas were identified that are most in need of investment, and those areas where technology can have an impact on the lifestyle of the middle class. Kairos has already started looking for companies dealing with these issues. One of their early investments is a startup for the care of the elderly in the UK called Cera, which combines a digital platform with care services to optimize and shorten the time (and cost) for those who care for the old people.

Kairos is a venture fund that focuses on financial companies that want to work on critical issues before they truly become a global catastrophe.

As previously reported, the District Ventures fund is going to invest $ 3 million in startups.