What will happen with Ethereum and Unitsale in the near future?

What will happen with Ethereum and Unitsale in the near future?

SEC USA (Securities Commission), being one of the most authoritative regulators in this field, sets standards and rules that all companies must follow if they do not want to answer before the law. As it became known recently, the SEC sued PlexCoin startup, which raised $ 15 million during the Unitsale this summer. The accounts of the creators are frozen for an indefinite period.

Unitsale is the primary location of units, and its main idea is that the owners of units will receive part of the profits when implementing a business project. But most of the existing Unitsale is something that looks like a company with Wall Street. The launch of the Unitsale is not a complicated process, as it is based on the Ethereum platform. This carries with it some risks. After the ban on the Unitsale by the Chinese financial regulator Ethereum noticeably fell in price.

All this, as well as the SEC’s lawsuit, can put Ethereum in a very unpleasant situation. If the SEC claims are justified, this will serve as a signal to all authoritative regulators. This in turn can lead to a complete ban on Unitsale and also the decline of many startup ideas. Such an event will have a very negative impact on Ethereum, because most investors will simply lose interest in it. This inevitably can lead to a drop in value, and all attention will focus on the vulnerability of the system and the harsh power, the result of which was the emergence of the cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic.

Unitsale Ventureon is an example of a legal Unitsale. The unit is diversified by Hypercube Ventures projects, which are already ready for launch. The value of the unit is tied to the starting price of these projects. They have a real business model and have passed Due Diligence, which is conducted by fund experts. The market value of projects grows as they start and develop, and the cost of VNN increases accordingly. The investor is protected from the risk of liability for participation in illegal Unitsale.

As previously reported, Ethereum introduced the initial version of the Casper protocol.